Issue with Trend Micro and the Dispatch Client

There are a number of customers who have been reporting issues that they cannot open dispatch client. They get an error that the system is unable to download resources. Apparently this is Trend Micro virus software incorrectly blocking the dispatch client from running. The following details the steps to let the anti virus software accept the dispatch client as safe:

  1. Open the trend micro console
  2. Right-click on the icon


  3. Choose to ‘Open the Main Console’


  4. Once open, click on the bit where it says ’58 threats stopped’; this will say a different number on each computer.


  5. Click on ‘Web Threats’


  6. Find one of the items where it is blocking our site and click on it (possibly double click):


  7. Click the ‘Approve’ button to allow access to this site


  8. Accept the warning.


The dispatch software should now work correctly