Screen – Out Of Car Settings

When a driver leaves the car briefly, it is not always convenient to take the Android handset with them. To notify the driver of important events, an “Out of Car” phone number may be set in the software. This number will be called, allowed to ring a for a few seconds, and then hung up on whenever something important occurs, notifying the driver to check the in-car handset. The screen used to control this phone call notification is shown below:

Misc - Out of Car Screen

To use the out of car feature, the driver must:

  1. Press the “Change” Number button Misc - Out of Car Screen change num and use the popup numeric keypad to enter the phone number to be dialled
  2. Select the duration of the call (Short, Medium, or Long); and
  3. Preferably test the settings are working using the “Start a Test Call” button.

Due to the nature of cell phones, the time taken for a call to connect and start a phone ringing can be variable. It is highly recommended the driver uses the “Test Call” button to ensure the call has enough time to connect before accepting the settings and going out of car.

The Driver may toggle between “In-Car” and “Out-of-Car” status by pressing the status change button (illustrated below) only if a phone number has been set.

Misc - Out of Car Screen change

Note that the calls to an out of car driver are made by the Android handset itself. Each time a call is made, the screen will show the default Android phone dialling app, and return to the taxi software only after the notification call has completed.

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