Screen – Operator Contact

The Operator Contact screen is used to initiate voice contact with a fleet operator, as illustrated below. Here you can see there are generally two voice contact options available:

  1. Requesting an operator call the driver, with an reason for the request; and
  2. Recording a voice message and sending it to the operator.


Misc - Operator Contact Screen

Requesting Contact

Operator contact is requested by pressing one of the “Other”, “Query”, “Job” or “Urgent” buttons. While a contact request is active, the buttons are replaced by a single “Cancel” button which can be used to stop the current request.

The dispatch software monitored by operators will show a notification message for the contact request, and an operator is expected to call the vehicle as soon as practical.

Recording a Message

The Message recording section, in the bottom half of the screen, has a “Record” mode and a “Dispatch” mode.

Recording mode shows a single “Record” button, which when pressed allows the driver to dictate a message to the phone. While recording, the button changes to a “Stop” button, which is pressed when the driver has finished speaking to complete the message.

After a message is recorded, the “Dispatch” mode is activated (as shown in the screen shot above). The buttons in this mode allow the driver to play back their recorded message, send it to the fleet server, or delete the recording. If the message is sent or deleted, the buttons revert to “Record” mode allowing a new message to be recorded.

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