Screen – Job Details

The Job Details screen shows information about the current job, or the previously completed job if the car is vacant. An example of the screen is shown below.

Booking - Engaged


The Job Details screen has 3 main sections: the global button toolbar, the job summary area, and the job control tools. The button toolbar operates as described in the general usage section.

Job Summary Area

The Job summary area, shown below, is located between the two toolbars.

Booking - Booking Details  summary

The top section lists the job number and general status information. This is changed according to whether the car is booked for a job, engaged, or has completed a job. For an underway booking, the time the job was entered is displayed.

Below the status information is a list of pickup and destination locations for the job. Each individual pickup and destination is contained within a rectangular border, and contains address information and any relevant contact details and notes.

For pre-booked jobs, driving instructions may be accessed by pressing the navigation navigation icon for a pickup or destination. On most handsets, this should invoke the “Google Maps” application, pre-filled with destination information for the particular pickup or drop-off location.

Job Control Tools 

The Job Controls toolbar provides buttons to:

blue_no_show Cancel a booking if the customer is not found (No-show)
blue_resubmit Resubmit a booking
blue_plot Plot to a new area
blue_vacant Toggle the car as engaged or disengaged

The “No-Show” and “Resubmit” buttons are available only when a booking has been accepted and the car is disengaged. The No-Show button will cancel the job as the client cannot be located. Resubmitting a job requires the driver to select a reason for the resubmission, then re-queues the job for dispatch to another car. The set of reasons for resubmission are configurable on a fleet by fleet basis.

The “Plot” button allows the driver to select a zone they will be travelling to. This assists in <doing something I figure>

The “Engaged” button allows the car to be marked either as engaged or disengaged. When a car becomes disengaged, the driver will automatically be prompted to enter fare details.

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