Logging Into EzyFleet Vehicle Software

After starting the EzyFleet Android software after installation, the first screen you will see will let you know of the need for a “Fleet Key”. Each vehicle in the fleet has been allocated one of these fleet keys and the fleet manager will be able to let you know what it is for the vehicle you will be driving. Please note that only one Android device can be connected as each vehicle at the same time.

Login - Fleet Key Warning               Login - Fleet Key Enter

Click on the “Continue to Enter the Key” button and then enter the key provided in the “Fleet Key” entry field and then click “Next”

After joining the fleet, the driver must login using the PIN and password they have been issued. To do this:

  1. Type the PIN into the User Name field using the on-screen keypad
  2. Press “Next” at the bottom of the keypad
  3. Type the password (if one is set) using the keypad.
  4. Press “Login”.

Login - User Name              Login - Password

Depending on the settings for the fleet, the odometer reading may need to be entered. Type it in using the numeric keypad and press “Next”.

Login - Odometer Reading

Fleets may require the driver to complete a pre-shift checklist before starting the shift. The items on the checklist are configured on a fleet by fleet basis. Perform each required task and click on its check box to mark it complete. When all tasks are complete, press the “Continue” button to start the shift. If no tasks are required, the shift will start automatically.

Login - Login Check List

The car is now connected to the fleet, logged in, and can start to receive bookings and perform jobs.

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