Installation of the EzyFleet Android Vehicle Software

The EzyFleet software can be found on the Google Play store at the following location or you can search for “EzyFleet” in the store.

Install - Play

Click on “Install” and you will be presented with a list of the permissions that the software requires. Click the “Accept and download” button.

The following are explanations of the permissions that are requested:

  • Your location: Needed to dispatch work in an optimal manner
  • Services that cost you money: The app enables the driver to (optionally) send SMS messages to customers or call operators.
  • Your messages: Optionally incoming SMS’s can (optionally) be displayed on the EzyFleet message display
  • Network communication: Needed to communicate with the dispatch servers
  • Storage: The app caches data and logs for a quicker start up and for support purposes
  • Phone calls: The app enables the operators and customers to be (optionally) called if needed
  • Hardware controls: The app can record audio if the driver wants to leave a voice message for the operators
  • System tools: The app will prevent the phone from sleeping when it is running and plugged in.

Install - Accept

Once the software has finished installing you can “Open” the software and you will be presented with a screen requesting the vehicle fleet key. At this point you can follow the section on logging into the vehicle software to continue.

Install - Complete