Overview of Android Screens

Having logged in, the driver has access to all the general functions of the app, which are accessed through the button toolbar (illustrated below). The button toolbar is shown either as a horizontal bar at the top of the app, or a vertical bar along the left side, depending on the orientation of the phone.

Button bar


System Menu Button

The first button on the toolbar (either at the left or the top depending on the device orientation) provides access to “system” functions, and reflects the current state of the taxi through a changeable icon. The set of icons displayed are:


car is vacant


car is engaged

Not Available

diver is unavailable


car is booked


car is in panic state

Pressing the button displays a popup toolbar allowing the driver to:

  • Logout of the software red_logout
  • Change the car availability to service bookings to unavailable pink_not_available or available green_available
  • Change the car status to engaged blue_engagedor vacant blue_vacant
  • **** Can the driver be set to out of car correctly?

 General - Select Current State


Menu Button

To change between displays, press the “menu” button  Menu , then select a display from the available set of icons shown. Note that the availability of screens is dependent on the configuration of the dispatch system as a whole, and as such not all screens may be available.

The available icons are described below. Press an icon to view the documentation for the associated screen.

Job Details
Job Details
Job History
Job History
Cover Registration
Cover Registration
Operator Contact
Operator Contact
Customer Contact
Customer Contact
Out Of Car
Out of Car


Panic Button

The panic button is used to generate an alert seen by the fleet operators. Panic mode is activated by:

  • Pressing and holding the grey alarm icon grey_panic
  • Pressing the “Activate” button in the popup dialog within 5 seconds.

When panic mode is entered, the Current State button and the Panic button will both show the red alarm icon blue_panic. The panic state cannot be cleared by the driver – it must be reset by a fleet operator.

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