Feature Details

Powerful call centre quality dispatch client

The dispatch client software available as part of EzyFleet provides a powerful way to manage and view the status of one of many fleets. The client allows operators to quickly create or modify bookings effectively. Any issues that arise are highlighted for the operators so that they can be addressed in an efficient manner.

When using a customers phone number (via manual entry or through caller ID and a phone system) it can quickly show bookings that the customer has used in the past or can show any current bookings that they may be calling for information about.

The documentation has much more information on the dispatch system and its features here.


Sophisticated automatic dispatch

The dispatch algorithms used by EzyFleet have been refined and improved over seven years and provides many features that enhance the dispatch of work to the fleet. The algorithms balance fairness and customer service while reducing dead mileage where possible. There are also a number of parameters that can be changed by a fleet to make the dispatch algorithms work best for how that fleet needs to operate.

You can read more on the dispatching algorithms in the documentation here.

Generates many reports including account invoices and end of shift reports

Reporting in EzyFleet is designed to save you time and make life easier. Each of the reports is customizable and can be generated in seconds. If you need to generate an invoice for an account customer or find out exactly what happened in one particular booking all of the data is at your fingertips.

The reporting features provided for the fleet manager to help them manage the fleet are extensive and more detail can be found here but some of the highlights are:

  • Account Invoice – Generate account invoice with a few clicks. The time this can save EzyFleet customers is impressive!
  • Driver End of Shift Report – At the end of the shift this report will show you all of the information about the drivers shift including how much they need to be paid and useful statistics such as dollar per mile.
  • Booking Details – Find out every detail about a particular booking; what time it was created, which vehicles were offered the booking and who changed the settings and the path that the vehicle took. It is all described here.
  • Fare Discrepancies – We have a number of reports that can help find drivers that are not doing the things they should. This includes reports that show discrepancies between the meter and what was entered or reports on when no shows or resubmits were performed a long distance from the pickup location.

Uses cost effective Android hardware

You have control over your own hardware. The vehicle software runs on most Android based hardware so you are free to purchase and use whatever hardware best suits your needs. This can include a drivers phone or a mounted tablet. Refer here for more detail on the supported hardware.


Internet based system

EzyFleet is an internet based system which provides great flexibility for the fleets that use it. The dispatch clients can be  be run from anywhere an internet connection is available which means that if required staff can operate from home or remotely.

Vehicle software also uses the cellular carriers for their connectivity and communication with the base which means that you are not just constrained by radio tower reach.

There are call centres that manage fleets that are located in many different states. This decentralisation can mean significant savings for smaller fleets that can  collaborate with other fleets to provide 24 x 7 service for their vehicles and customers.

Quick to see the fleet’s current status

The status of the fleet can be quickly reviewed and acted upon using the dispatch client dashboard. This dashboard can show the status of one or many fleets allowing the operators to be able to take calls for a group of fleet that can be located in disparate regions.

Dispatch Client Dashboard

Car positions are displayed in real time

If needed you can bring up a map that will show the position of all the vehicles for a fleet. This map will update with the latest positions every few seconds and you can quickly zoom into a vehicle or region to get more detail. You can also show the paths for vehicles for the last 5 minutes and view speed and status. All of this can be protected so that only authorized users can see the information and you can control this access so that some users can only see certain vehicles on the map (e.g. so that they can only view the vehicles that they operate)


Areas are the shape and size you require

The fleet manager is free to define the areas that are used by the fleet in any shape or size that they require. For EzyFleet these will initially be defined as the zip code boundaries for the areas that the fleet will operate in but these can be split, edited, removed or added to as needed. The changes can be easily made in the zone editing tool and the changes can take effect immediately.


Web booking by customers is available

The fleets have a variety of options that they can configure in order to allow customers to make bookings from an internet site. This includes whether it is a public booking site or only available to registered users. Which fields and options are to be available to the customer can be set or they can even be presented with fare estimates before the booking is made.

Express booker can be configured for use by registered users (e.g. clubs, hospitals etc.) so that they can manage their own bookings and this provides a powerful management feature that the fleets regular customers will appreciate. These users will be able to add, update or remove bookings and they can also see a history of their previous bookings.

Support multiple fleets in one call centre

EzyFleet is designed so that if needed call centre operators can manage multiple fleets in a very efficient manner. All of the software components of the system allow operators or managers to quickly view, edit and control a multiple fleets with minimal  extra effort. This allows fleets to be easily serviced by larger call centres even if they are not in the same state. This feature can save fleets significant amounts of time and stress if they are not able to provide cost effective 24×7 dispatch.

The system can be setup with caller id integration so that when an operator picks up a call the system has already selected the correct fleet based on the number that was called and the booking form is already populated with the relevant information for the caller such as common addresses and bookings that are already in the system.

Extensive control over user access rights

Access rights to the fleet is tightly controlled. The fleet manager can control access to data, reports, controls fleets at a very fine level. Access for a new operator can be as simple as a few clicks for ‘normal’ operator access but access to an individual report can be given or taken away from any individual user as needed. This access can include giving data access for a few selected vehicles to a particular vehicle owner or even the ability for drivers to be able to view and print their own end of shift information.

All of the interaction with the system is recorded and can be accessed for security purposes. A fleet manager will be able to see who gave someone access when, who logged in to what and even which reports they viewed. EzyFleet provides power, flexibility and accountability into the fleet managers hands.


Low cost and no long term contracts

We believe you will find the EzyFleet features and benefits unbelievable for the cost and it is priced to be attractive to large and small fleets. There is no long term contracts required either, you can just sign up for a month stop whenever you want. Click here for pricing details for EzyFleet.

Phone system integration available

EzyFleet has been designed to integrate with phone systems through TAPI or with Asterisk systems. This provides significant efficiency benefits to the operators as they do not need to enter the phone number themselves. An asterisk system can also bring the benefits of IVR (integrated voice response) and recorded calls. With IVR enabled some of the fleets that use our system find that over 40% of bookings are made without needing to talk to an operator.

Contact us for an estimate on integrating EzyFleet with your phone system