EzyFleet Android Hardware Information

The EzyFleet vehicle software is designed to work with most Android hardware. This provides you the freedom to choose what will devices will best suit your environment. This can include either tables or phones of many different sizes.

The main requirement is that the device runs version 2.2 or above of Android. This represents over 93% of all Android hardware available and would include virtually any new device that you are likely to find on the market today.

Verified Hardware

The following list is some of the devices that we have tested and verified. Note that many more models and brands are likely to work perfectly well. The most likely differences would be that some pages might not fit in an optimal manner but this is unlikely to cause much difficulty. If you do find a device that does experience difficulties please let us known the make and model and we can see if something can be done.

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Dell Streak 5”
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • HTC Desire
  • Motorola Defy Plus

Data Requirements

Whenever the driver is logged into the EzyFleet software it will make use of the internet connection of the device to maintain a connection to the EzyFleet servers. GPS information is constantly sent back to the server and this will use up the download quota of the device. This should generally be less than 100MB per month for a device used 24 hours a day but please keep an eye on data usage if you have a low quota since it can vary depending on how it is used.

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