Enter Fare Details

Each entry consists of the meter fare itself, as well as any extras and tolls that have been accumulated on the trip. When a job is completed (i.e. when the car is “disengaged”), the fare details are automatically prompted for, starting with the meter fare itself. Otherwise, the fare may be edited by selecting a job from the job history, and pressing the “Edit” button in the Job Details window.

Fare - Fare Summary


Important: the “Save” button on the Fare Summary window must be pressed to accept and store the fare. The “Cancel” button will undo all changes to the fare and restore the original fare, extras and toll values.

The fare is entered on a numeric keypad type window, as shown below. Pressing the “Save” button will record the fare as entered, pressing “Cancel” will close the numeric keypad without changing the fare. Tolls are entered similarly using a numeric keypad.

Fare - Fare Setting

Extras are not currently operating – but selected from a list of values defined on a per fleet basis. Use the “+” button next to an extra to add one, the “-“ to remove one. Use the “Accept” button on the extras editor to accept the entered values, or cancel to revert to the previous values.


Payment Method

After the fare details have been entered, press the “Save” button to store them. If a non-zero fare has been stored, the Fare Entry screen will close and the “Payments” screen will be shown.

Each fare can be paid using:

  • Cash
  • Credit card
  • Subsidy
  • Pre-existing account

Combinations of these methods are also permitted, so a fare can be paid with 20% cash and 80% credit card for example.

To enter a payment, press the appropriate button on the Payments screen and enter the details. An example of an Account based payment is shown below.

Fare - Account Entry

Each field in a payment can be edited by pressing the “Edit” button and using the popup keypad. The “%” sign next to the amount being paid toggles the display between the actual fare cost and the percentage of the total fare being paid. To enter 50% of the fare, for example, press the “%” button, then edit the fare. This will display a keypad allowing a percentage to be entered. While in percentage entry mode, the “%” button will display “$”. Pressing the “$” button when in percentage mode will return to the original display of the value being paid.

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