Digitax Firmware Update

Firstly, you need to create a USB key. Please download this zip file SmartMoveVehicle.zip which will contain all the files needed. Please extract these files to the ROOT (base directory) of a USB key.
You should end up with a folder called SmartMoveVehicle and a file named SmartMoveBoot.run (see below):

This USB key can then be removed from the computer.

You then need to plug this into the USB socket on one of the looms connected to the faulty SmartMove Digitax screen:

Then turn on the unit, as it starts up, you will presented with a dialogue box:
Try to press OK quite quickly, but accurately; we only have limited time before the unit will shut down automatically. You might like to use a pen lid, or some other blunt plastic item to get an accurate touch.

When it has finished copying the necessary files, it will ask you to remove the USB key (simply unplug the USB key from the socket), and press OK. The unit will then shut down.

Once the unit shuts down, power it up again, this time it will automatically start into the firmware updater, and apply the new firmware that was just copied to the unit:
Don’t touch anything, just let it do its thing

After it has finished its Firmware update, it will restart itself. It will then start up and work as it should.

Please contact SmartMove Support if you require additional help.