Location Based Booking Premium SMS Service


The SmartMove location based booking service is a simple, automated way of receiving bookings based on the Short Message Service (SMS). The core concepts are:

  1. You display a poster at a fixed location which contains a unique location number.
  2. The passenger sends the location number to a ‘premium SMS service’ number. The passenger is charged $1 – this appears on the passenger’s phone bill. A QR code is included on the poster for those able to use it; this is like a barcode and can be scanned with modern smartphones.
  3. A booking is created automatically using a model booking linked to that location number.
  4. A confirmation message is sent back to the passenger.

The process is shown in the following picture.




The benefits are:

  • There is no cost to the fleet apart from the charge for the poster.
  • The caller doesn’t get left on hold and gets an immediate confirmation that the booking is in the system.
  • Bookings are created and dispatched automatically by SmartMove.
  • There are no constraints on the booking that can be created.
  • Statistics are kept on the usage made of each poster.
  • The poster can be moved if required.


What you need to do

Step 1 – Order a poster

The posters are supplied by SmartMove. However you need to provide some of the information that appears on the poster before ordering.

On the fleet management website go the Fleet Configuration page and set the Booking Poster Operator Number property. You can type “booking poster” in the search box at the top right hand corner to find that property. The number must be set to the number your customers should call to get help with their booking.

Also set the ‘Booking Poster Instruction Text’ to the text that will appear under the logo.The default text tis ‘To get a taxi here’.

You should also set a logo to appear on the poster. This is done on the Details tab of the Fleet Configuration page. Make sure the addressis correct.

Now you are ready to order the posters. Go to the Order Booking Poster page and fill in the details. You have a choice of four types of posters:

  • Simple laminated sheets – suitable for use on a notice board.
  • Posters suitable for sticking behind a sheet of glass – in a shop window for example.
  • Posters suitable for sticking on a surface – on a flat wall for example.
  • Aluminium posters suitable for use where more durability is required – a pub for example.


The Previewbutton lets you check the layout before placing the order. After you place the order you will receive an e-mail confirming the order. It normally takes about 10 working days to fill the order.

The poster looks something like the one shown below. The logo at the top will be the one supplied by you; the location number will be a unique number allocated to your fleet; the SMS phone number (199 888 77) is supplied by SmartMove; and your contact number for booking queries is given in the text near the bottom of the poster.

Booking Poster


Step 2 – Create a model booking

When SmartMove receives a location number it creates a booking for that location. That is done by copying a model booking linked to that location number. Before this happens you need to create the model booking.

Once you have decided where a poster is to be placed you create the model booking. Do this in the normal way but mark it as a model booking and don’t create a standard booking.


You can fill in any details and set any attributes – whatever is set is copied for each booking created for that location. The new booking will appear in the model booking list. Make a note of the booking number.


If you decide to move the poster simply change the model booking.


Step 3 – Link the poster to the booking

You are now ready to link the poster to the model booking. Go to the Booking Poster Management page on the website, click on Display Posters, then click the edit icon clip_image002 next to the poster number being set. Enter the booking number of the model booking to be used for that poster and click Save.


Your poster is now ready for use. When your poster arrives, take the poster to the booking address and put it up. Done!


Frequently asked questions

Where should I put up my poster?
Anywhere you like. We recommend places like shopping centres, golf clubs, cafes, surgeries, etc.

What happens if the poster is destroyed, can I get a reprint?
No. Each poster is unique. Simply order another one. Note that the aluminium poster is fairly robust. Alternatively you can put a poster out of reach on the other side of a pane of glass.

How does the base operator know it is an SMS booking?

The Driver Info section of the booking has the following:

SMS: 2620

The Booking Remarks section has

Booking created from Model [124067], Phone [61427……], from [SMS]

The Name field has SMS CUSTOMER and the phone number is in the Phone field. You control whether the drivers see the phone number.